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History: Norden Lights is the culmination of a long line of working Golden Retrievers established in 1988.

When I first stepped into the world of gundogs, it was quite easy to get onto local shoots and start picking things up and it was here that I learned that my selected dog was biddable, very fast and an immense pleasure to own and work with.

I eventually joined a local gundog club and came 2nd in my 2nd trial. Oddly, the less I knew, the easier it seemed to compete. My dog then went on to win a trial that year and then I had an open dog and was soon hooked into field trialling. Today, almost 30 years on, I still compete with ‘Goldens’.

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How I Got Started with Golden Retrievers...

Ten years ago, when dogs still had to be kennelled for nearly nine months before being allowed into the UK, I imported a Field Golden Retriever from America.

As time went by, I mated this dog to one of my UK-bred dogs, a very strong, powerful dog that was doing very well in the trialling world. This turned out to be a very good mating, with all pups going to working homes and one of them ending up as an FTCH (Field Trial Champion).

I still do working tests and field trials, but have now started entering my dogs into working trials, a numerically small sport that has been around since the 1920s.

Why choose a Nordenlights golden retriever ?

With decades of experience and a successful line of Golden Retrievers, I offer both Nordenlights puppy and Golden Retriever training in Lancashire, North West England.

Field-Bred Golden Retrievers & Training 

Nordenlights is a golden retriever training & breeding kennel dedicated to producing a small number of healthy field-bred Golden Retriever litters a year. We only breed the best golden retrievers that come from our hand selected blood lines from across the world that all have the best retrieving drive, trainability, intelligence, impeccable health and most importantly excellent temperaments. This means every golden retriever we own or breed is one that will love training, hunting, competing & being a loved member of your family.

It is well known that golden retrievers do best in a family environment that is why we ensure all of our dogs have a good off-switch ensuring that they are the perfect family companions. Whether you want an competition dog or just an active family member a Nordenlights Golden will not disappoint.

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What are Working Trials?

The best way to explain Working Trials is to call them a civilian equivalent to the work of police dogs – although working trials are purely for competition.
Like field trials, Working Trials are run under Kennel Club regulations. Schedules are constructed so competitors must qualify for entry from stake to stake and from Open to Championship level.

Working Trials Classes, Stakes and Sections

Working Trials have two classes, Open & Championship and participants must qualify at an open level before they can enter into Championship Trials. If, for example, you wish to enter a Championship Trial, you must have qualified at an open trial first.
There are five ‘stakes’, or levels of competition in Working Trials, and these stakes must be worked through progressively. While all breeds of dog can participate, smaller dogs tend to be at a disadvantage in the higher stakes due to the equipment used within the agility section.

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