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The NordenLights Golden Retriever: I have been training and competing with Golden Retrievers for almost 30 years. Over the decades, I have created my own line of fast and driven Goldens: NordenLights, High Performance Golden Retrievers.

My name is Peter Hargreaves, and I breed world class golden retrievers along with being a leading dog trainer. My day to day job is a modern canine trainer and behaviourist, and my dog training  system is inspired by over 35 years experience. I have helped over a thousand dog owners re build their relationship with their dog.

Having worked with dogs for over 35 years it gave me a unique look into the dog breeding world. Everything I have learnt has gone into creating the Nordenlights golden retrievers. I started my dog training career by training military dogs to look for IED’s, protect Marines and find weapons. I have also competed and judged at International level for almost 25 years with my own Gundogs. My dog training & behaviour modification expertise enables me to be able to offer basic trained puppies or fully trained dogs to ensure for complete peace of mind if you are looking for a new dog or puppy. You can not go wrong with Nordenlights. 


Peter Hargreaves is:

Dedicated to the Excellence of the Golden Retriever

I have been producing the best golden retrievers for the last 35 years in the UK using my experience from travelling the world learning from the best. My golden retriever litters are produced to be the best working dogs, be the perfect family companion, and of course excel in field as your personal partner. The Nordenlights line started from me hand selecting each of my dog for abilities to perform in the field as well as being valued, sound minded, obedient member of the family. These innate abilities that I bred into my dogs makes them perfect for anyone looking for a golden retriever as they are easily trainable and will complement the most avid of hunters. 

Although the Nordenlights are bred to perform in the field, I always ensure their first and primary function is as a family companion. My passion for working dogs shines through when you look back at all past and current litters. I pride myself in producing the finest working dogs and best family companions. I love golden retrievers as they are always eager to please due to their love to be near their owners doing whatever they’re doing and their love of being active outdoors. 


NordenLights Golden Retrievers are Full of Drive, Motivation and Have Been Bred to Succeed!

I have been competing at top level field trails for over 20 years. I brought an American bitch to the UK almost 15 years ago and from subsequent litters there have been a number of field trail champions. A couple of years back I brought another dog in from America to secure my successful line.