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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Use Norden Lights For Your Golden Retriever Obedience Training:

  • I Come to You. Personalised One to One Training to Suit You and Your Dog
  • Vast Amount of Experience, 25 Years Plus
  • Excellent Training Grounds
  • Positive Reward Training, No Harsh Methods
  • Behaviour Issues

To get even the basics right, obedience requires time and effort. It is, however, part of being a sensible, responsible owner and hopefully something you considered before ever getting your Golden Retriever.

Basic obedience commands help teach your Golden the essential skills he needs to harmoniously live with a human family and allow you to keep him and those around you safe by providing your Golden with careful direction.

Hundreds of Happy Customers...

Providing Dog BehaviourTraining In Merseyside, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire for over 25 years with literally 100’s of happy clients.

Once you learn my approach to dog training you will be on your way to having a desirable member of the family that you can walk anywhere anytime.

My training focuses on creating an obedient dog through the development of respect and trust. Your relationship with your dog is the most important factor.

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