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Gun dog

Residential gun dog training northwest

Based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, Northwest England, I have been working with Golden Retrievers and other breeds for more than 30 years, training them to be responsive and capable of competing in trials if required.

The training I offer is invariably performed on a one-to-one basis, as training one dog at a time allows me to tailor sessions specifically to your dog’s needs – there is no “one-size-fits-all” in gundog training!

Keeping your dog within a home environment throughout their stay (I recommend a minimum stay of 4 weeks) and offering them a real-life experience by conducting all training outdoors in a variety of habitats, I exclusively use the latest in positive reinforcement techniques and start all my training using a clicker. You can find a wealth of information on using a clicker on my other site, Dog Harmony.

Why choose Norden lights

8 Good Reasons Why You Should Use NordenLights For Your Residential Gundog Training:

·      Over 30 years of training gundogs to competition standard

·       Use the latest in positive reinforcement techniques

·       Dogs are kept in a home environment whilst being trained

·       Only one dog is trained at a time, without exception

·       Regular video updates with progress of your dog

·       Never losing sight that your dog is a family pet first

·       Final demonstration of your dog’s improvement when the residential training    period is over

·       7-10 days after this I come to you to ensure that your dog is doing well

got any questions?

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