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semi trained

Golden Retriever puppies: All the joy, non of the stress...

The thought of buying a puppy is always very exciting for dog lovers but as any dog owner will tell you the first few weeks of ownership are extremely stressful but the most important part of dog ownership. If correct training is not given as soon as possible it can lead to a life of behavioural issues.

Our pre trained puppies  are the perfect answer for families looking for an obedient well trained puppy that is a joy to own whilst mitigating the risks and uncontrollable outcomes which occur during the critical first weeks of dog ownership which greatly effect the chances of people achieving truly rewarding relationship.

Let us do the HARD work! Whats included when I buy a semi trained golden retriever?

Are pre trained puppies will be available to collect when they are 16 weeks old and cost £2,500. They will come trained to the following standard:

  1. Fully House Trained
  2. Toilet Trained 
  3. Lead trained so they are a pleasure to walk
  4. Basic recall for peace of mind
  5. Stop Nipping & other bad habits
  6. Fully vaccinated 

As well as pre trained golden retriever puppies I will have a fully trained working golden retriever bitch available in August.

For inquiries regarding the purchase of a NordenLights puppy, please get in touch via the following ways:

Phone: 07776 761289


Or please use my online contact form. I will respond to all enquirers as soon as is possible.

Our Golden Retriever Quality Promise…

Nordenlights is dedicated to breeding the UKs best golden retrievers. The price of our golden retriever puppies  reflects the quality of the pups, our extreme commitment in terms of time and financial investment, our in-depth health checks so you know exactly what you are getting along with training, trialing, and the testing of our dogs.  After 35 years of breeding and competing our own golden retrievers what we don’t know about the breed just simply isn’t worth knowing. We have learned through mistakes and built on that knowledge to become the UK leaders in golden retrievers. We know the value of health clearances and DNA testing. All of our puppies under go the best health checks and DNA testing to guarantee that you will have a healthy companion. 

Our goal with each golden retriever litter is to produce healthy, mentally sound and great looking puppies that are all business in the field and trials but who can then relax at home with the family after a long day! Our puppies come with a full health report and lifetime support. If you are looking for a first class working dog that you and your family will enjoy living with, you will not go wrong with a Nordenlights golden retriever. 


got any questions?

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